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Dynatron is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC fans, providing a range of products from 25mm to 200mm. We are dedicated to innovation and providing customized cooling solutions, including active heatsinks, blowers, liquid coolers, and more, to meet the unique needs of our OEM customers.

Our products are renowned for their quality and efficiency, and we offer flexible order quantities and excellent after-sales service for use in desktop computers, servers, workstations, gaming consoles, and storage systems.
As an industry pioneer, we were the first to integrate MicroFin technology into PC heatsinks, and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation with breakthrough products such as RGB LED fans and dual outlet blowers.

OEM Process


One-stop Service Experience to Turn Your Ideas into Reality

We understand your ideas, specified materials, required sizes, and heat dissipation power. Based on these specifications, we will manufacture and produce your desired products.

We provide one-stop service to save your valuable time and reduce your development costs, including manufacturing, innovative design, software design, product development, certification, and after-sales service. We strive to achieve excellent product performance and unparalleled quality, allowing you to easily build your own brand.

Our goal is to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers through customer-oriented design services, rigorous quality certification systems, global logistics, and technical support.

Service Advantages

Dynatron has offices around the world and our own manufacturing factories, introducing the most advanced simulation technology to save costs for our customers and provide them with high-quality and efficient service experiences.


Monthly Production Capacity

Our factory has introduced the latest and most comprehensive machinery and equipment, including CNC machines, stamping machines, drawing machines, injection molding machines, balancing machines, soldering and reflow ovens, clipping machines, SMT machines, winding machines, air pressure machines, and vacuum filling machines. Our perfect equipment promotes increased production capacity and ensures quality assurance.

Monthly production capacity data 2019/7

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Product Types

We specialize in producing various products such as heatsinks, fans, servers, assembly kits, etc. Our product range is diversified and can be customized in one-stop, with consistent operation from design, molding, to packaging.

Product Applications

We are committed to providing innovative product solutions to meet customers' needs and provide essential professional technology in major markets such as communication, computing, core storage, connection, and information processing.

Our Customers

We continuously strive for excellence to provide our customers with the most innovative technologies and high-quality products in the industry. We have established long-term partnerships with leading application manufacturers in various fields such as entertainment, AI, electric vehicles, finance, military, industrial automation, medicine, and technology.


Quality Management

Dynatron's corporate philosophy is "quality first and customer satisfaction." We prioritize producing products that meet market demand and maintain a consistent system of safety and high-quality goals.

High-quality and environmental protection are universal and crucial issues. We implement strict product quality management in all our production plants, from purchasing raw materials to batch production, by thoroughly inspecting every detail. All our employees are dedicated to ensuring product safety, security, and quality.

Complete Quality System

To ensure consistent quality and service, we have obtained ISO9001:2015 certification covering various processes from product manufacturing to service, including business, procurement, education and training, warehousing, outsourcing, quality control, research and development, production, and service.


Supplier Management

We establish a list of suppliers and the materials they supply, and strictly inspect the quality of raw materials during the inspection process. We also track and monitor the quality of raw materials and parts supplied by a single supplier.


Preventive Measures

In addition to establishing a complete quality management process, when quality issues arise in the quality control process, we identify the cause and make improvements. This can also help manufacturing plants optimize production processes and improve product quality.


Complete QC Form

Operators record inspections based on standard inspection forms, reducing errors in identification or recording. The recorded inspection results can also serve as a source document for abnormal process analysis. Establishing a complete and clear inspection item list can reduce debugging and time costs in management.

Packaging Solutions

The issue of waste generated by packaging materials has become an important topic, and the implementation of environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more urgent. Our professional team focuses on designing packaging solutions that minimize the use of packaging materials while ensuring the protection, convenience, and safety of the products. We conduct packaging quality tests and impact tests to ensure that the products are well-protected and safe.

Our packaging solutions include cardboard boxes, paper boxes, foam cushions, and protective shells.

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